Join our journey to make Running Bull Sangria one of Australia’s favourite drinks!
Serving sangria in a perfect way…   
Sangria is an alcoholic beverage from the roots of Spain. Combining the best Shiraz the country has to offer infused with a tonic with warm notes and a mixture of exotic spices.


Running Bull Sangria is a refreshing fruit wine punch drink served with ice.

An original family recipe that continues to share the spirit of love, passion and friendship

Candelaria Marin Ramos, on the eve of her wedding to Juan Navarro San Juan, mixed a mysterious aromatic and sensual tonic with the local red wine to show her love, passion and friendship to her husband and their guests.

Today, a century on, Running Bull Sangria’s original recipe continues to share the spirit of love, passion and friendship.

Candelaria Marin Ramos was my grandmother.




Manuel Jiménez Navarro

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